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CIFKM is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management is the management of structured information of data, documents, emails, people, contacts, discussions, negotiations, drawings, graphics, etc.

DistinguishingIts objective is not the editing of documents, but in its most basic form it is the replacement of traditional filing systems, but with the advantages of modern technology.

Although it is intended for firms of any type and size, its value grows exponentially with the size of the organization.

Its main feature is the users being able to create "Data Smart Boxes at their own convenience.

CIFKM Manager

CIFKM Manager

These are small applications already preset in templates of different types according to their purpose that incorporate multiple functionalities and automatic behaviors.

Each Data Smart Box is a space to hold and share information in which it is determined who can access and with what powers.

CIFKM runs on real or virtual servers on databases of the clients: Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Firebird ... By default it is installed on PostgreSQL which is free.

Information (data, files, links,...) on each matter is managed in a separate Data Smart Box in which permissions and powers are determined.

Users can synchronize files and folders at their workstation with Data Smart Boxes of their enterprise

CIFKM is a quantum leap in productivity growth

From filing Boxes to

From filing Boxes to "Data Smart Boxes"

Let's imagine that yesteryear document filing boxes now are small multifunctional applications created by users with templates each time they need them, to incorporate metadata, attributes, structured information, files and folders, notes, notices, collaborative tools, encrypting facilities, file synchronizing facilities to the user workstation, scripts of code for automated behaviors and that in each one is established who ("user groups") may access and with what faculties, thus preserving confidentiality. These smart containers are "Data Smart Boxes".

Standard features and functionalities of "Data Smart Boxes"

“Data Smart Box" features and functionalities of any kind are preset in a "Data Smart Box Template" which is ready for authorized users to create new "Data Smart Boxes" according to their needs. Features that any "Data Smart Boxes" can incorporate are:

Work environments consisting of sets of templates for "Data Smart Boxes"

Work environments consisting of sets of templates for "Data Smart Boxes"

  • Their own control of user's access and permits
  • Attributes of various kinds which may span from either simple flat or structured values, or values linked to other databases, or also trigger automated behaviors
  • Tree structures of files and folders
  • Encrypting sensitive files and also authorizing others to decrypt
  • Synchronization of files and folders of "Data Smart Boxes" with their replicas at the user's desktop
  • Create and send hyperlinks to non-users in order to allow them to visualize some files and folders of a "Data Smart Box"
  • Notes, Notices, and Alerts
  • Registration of documents, time spent
  • Possibility of including scripts of code in the "Data Smart Box" for getting automatic behaviors and processes

Each matter can have the appropriate distribution or confidentiality

Each Data Smart Box is created, by any user authorized in his "user role", for a different matter, work, task or documentation of the company, to be shared by either one or more "groups of users".

"Groups of users" can be inserted directly in each "Data Smart Box" or either directly or indirectly preset in its template.

The types of Data Smart Boxes can be pre-configured and customized to the needs of the company

"Data Smart Box" features and functionalities are preset in "Data Smart Box Templates". Besides, each one also incorporates:

  • The "user groups" that may use it to create new "Data Smart Boxes".
  • The "user groups" that may access the "Data Smart Boxes" created with it, and with what faculties over them. In the templates is determined whether the "user groups" from the "Data Smart Boxes" made ​​with them may or may not be changed later.
  • The "user groups" that may administrate it.

CIFKM is adaptable to the needs of each organization. Some organizations may need only one type of "Smart Box template" that can be replicated; thus each replica features different "user groups" (company areas, positions of the organizational chart, committees, teamworking groups, etc.). Others may need a more complex work environment requiring the creation of sets of templates for each area.

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