CIFKM is easy and convenient to use

CIFKM is easy and convenient to use

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  • Drop down menus of the right mouse button
  • Copy & paste and drag and drop, files and folders in and out CIFKM
  • Upload and download files from CIFKM to the local system of the user
  • Download, modify, and save files from CIFKM that are replaced automatically
  • Share, emaling links to sets of files and folders comtained in"Data Smart Boxes"
  • Notices, notes, notifications, and alerts, with links to "Data Smart Boxes"
  • Synnchronize files and folders, between CIFKM and the local work station of the users
  • Encrypt files in the user work station authorizing other users before uploading to CIFKM
  • Mobility of authorized users either with the client program or a browser

The "Data Smart Boxes" are small applications within the principal application to hold information, and are easy to understand and use by users who quickly become familiar with them. This is because, even though there may be different types of "Data Smart Boxes" for different purposes there is always some uniformity in terms of their functionality.
Copy link ENThe "Data Smart Boxes" can be either containers of information and files related to either business matters or company resources, or they may be the forms of a management application or for the execution of the different phases of workflows.

They are created by the users from templates designed to be adapted to every need.

The CIFKM system of notices, reminders and communications is managed with ease and convenience, and the user values it as an aid in organizing him/herself

  • For the user CIFKM is a transparent application and he will not notice if he is accessing CIFKM via a local network or the Internet.

    (See screenshot...image about: (i) copy and paste/ drag and drop, (ii) menu of the right mouse button

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