Distinguishing features of CIF-KM


A unique design centered on the concept of Data Smart Box

CHICA SMARTBOXCIFKM incorporates many features not found in other Enterprise Content Managers currently in use.

The main distinguishing feature of CIFKM is its unique design centered on the concept of "Data Smart Box", which basically are the old file boxes, but integrated in a database with current technology.

CIFKM performs a general encryption of all files with an AEA algorithm that is performed on the server. It is in line with other applications that offer security, but this is not enough, since requires people to access the server as administrators. That is the reason why there have been leaks of information in institutions that boast high security.

Users can encrypt sensitive files before uploading them to the server

CIFKM enables strong encryption of sensitive files on the user's workstation, before uploading them to the server, without limiting the ability of users to share and collaborate with each other.

This functionality that combines AES and RSA algorithms, allows authorized users to encrypt any file before uploading it to the server and at the same time to determine which other users can decrypt it with their symmetric key that only they know. Encryption and decryption is performed by the client-CIF KM program in the workstation and the user is only prompted to insert his symmetric key, that simple.

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(See …Encryption of confidential files in the user's workstation before uploading them to the server)

Users can synchronize files and folders of their workstation with Data Smart Boxes

The uniqueness and advantage of this synchrony is that at one end is CIFKM which is a content management system designed for the company, and not just a simple box of files and folders that can at most be shared which is commonly found in other systems that provide services in the cloud with this functionality.

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Users can send to others (users and non-users) links to the contents of Data Smart Boxes

This functionality allows for the performance of a static capture of either some or all files and folders in a Smart Box maintaining their tree structure, associating it with a link that can be sent and shared with others (users and no-users) and managed with a browser.

(See …Sending hyperlinks to files and folders from 'Smart Boxes' via email)

Synchronize multiple servers via Internet

This functionality allows for the distribution of the workload, improves the speed of response, the reliability, and the scalability, and reduces the cost. It is well suited for companies with multiple establishments that can be serviced by a locally synchronized by Internet with another server that acts as a "master."

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