Examples of Customization of CIFKM

Examples of Customization of CIFKM

The versatility of the CIFKM "Smart Boxes" is very large. Apart from the multiple preconfigured features that can be incorporated into their design, the "smartbox" templates admit scripting code. Thus, they may have automatic behaviors and be used as management forms and for the execution of phases of workflows, adapted to the specifications and requirements of the company.

Some examples are:

Citizen participation in Town Halls

CIFKM has been customized for municipalities as a tool for promoting Citizen Participation. "Smart Boxes" incorporate scripting code to fit the relationships between the City Council and citizens. It serves as a tool for the preparation and monitoring of participation plans. To this end, it has utilities such as : processes, actions, tasks, notices, deadlines, document storage, reports, statistics, etc.

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Companies of professionals: lawyers, consultants, auditors, notaries

Professional service firms require:

  • That any matter related to a client could be assigned to one or more persons responsible for it, so that they may work alone or together with teaming partners.
  • That the confidentiality of matters be preserved so that the information is accessible only to the appropriate parties.
  • That the follow-up work can be carried out by those responsible (for it), so that the appropriate persons may detect delays and post alarms.
  • That the traceability of the actions taken be maintained.
  • That one can record the time spent by each employee on each matter, and in general the resources devoted to it, so as to later invoice or assess the value of a client's account.
  • That one may organize the knowledge base of the company, so that everything generated is easily retrievable by anyone with access to it through custom and / or advanced search systems.
  • That one may work and collaborate using Internet without compromising any of the functionalities.
  • That the application be integrated into the user's desktop so that he may feel comfortable and can run the normal operations of his operating system in the application, such as: copy and paste, drag and drop, etc.., although in fact he may be connected by Internet to a Web server which may be located anywhere.

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Management of procurement of supplies and works

The application is the process of the execution of the recruitment process, incorporating relevant departments in each step and integrating external and internal documentation. The structure of the departments and the various parameters involved has been defined, taking into account the rules set by the company.

One thus manages to create the process with different actions (steps) depending on the type of procurement. Main features: organization and distribution of tasks, control over the performance of activities, monitoring of deadlines, generation of documentation integrated in actions, ordered and classified (in the process and in the actions) storage of documentation, global process monitoring and predefined reports.

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CIFKM, documentation, procedures, processes
Procurement of supplies and works
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Digital Compulsa (public administrative offices, ...)

Digital certification for public administrations

Complementary module in the digitalizing of information for certification of digitalized content. In the process of digitalization of certain documents, the accuracy of the content is ensured, avoiding manipulation of the original documentation. It also allows you to organize and regulate the use and control of documents.

Main features: electronic signature, content blocking, elimination blocking, organization and classification, content indexing and documentation access control.

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