Pay for the Content and not the Marketing Cost

Pay for content, not for marketing cost

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The business model of CIF

CIFKM is ostensibly less expensive than other similar products created by companies whose traditional business model has high costs due to the creation of and maintenance of brands, delegations, the hiring of sales representatives, etc.

In many companies the cost of marketing represents more than 90% of the total cost and having a high cost of marketing does not increase the quality and usefulness of the application. In our case it is the reverse, the effort is devoted to product development and ease of customization.

CIF Goal

What is important to CIF is the design of the best product, so that it is easy to use, so that it solves, meets, and is adapted to customer needs, so that it is scalable and has a good base for its development.

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Evaluate, compare, and choose

We understand that nobody should choose a software application without having tried it as long as necessary, else afterwards all could be surprises.

For that purpose, CIF offers online demostration of CIFKM's standard basic version. In this way, the future user can evaluate what CIFKM is and all its features and qualitiy.

Software can not be purchased only because of its brand, or by means of comparative tables that are an oversimplification of reality. This way, one never knows what he is buying. One must assess the basic design to see if it meets the needs, as well as the details, the usability, and how the interphases have been solved that the user must then use. This is essential for a successful implementation.

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