Standard and customized versions

Standard and customized versions

Configurable standard version

CIFKM is a horizontal Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) that solve similar needs in companies regardless of their type of activity.

Parametrizacion 2The application may be installed in Windows or Linux servers with external data base engines (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, etc.) in simple architectures or in complex ones with various balanced servers, with multiple servers synchronized by Internet for companies with several establishments, without detriment of functionality, parameterization and customization.

CIFKM being used as horizontal application only needs to have:

Furthermore, the structure of the groups of users has the possibility of ones being nested in others, what makes it easy to emulate company's organizational chart and to assign the appropriate roles to each user with minimal effort.

Progressive customization of CIFKM's standard version in the Company

Think outside the boxThe initial standard work environment in CIFKM's basic licence has a set of 5 Data Smart Box templates. However, at a very low cost one can adapt the Data Smart Box templates and the search templates to the needs of each company, for example, one may add or modify attributes referred to the status of a process associated to a Data Smart Box, created with a template, or to send notifications to certain groups of users. All these customizations are at a rather low cost.

This means that a Company may start using CIFKM to meet only certain needs of an area or groups of users of the Company and then progressively to widen the use to other user discovering new possibilities, without having to prepare an initial complete specification of all needs and requirements.

(We recommend reading the "General view", the "User guide" adapted to the initial Smart Box template environment, and the "Administrator's Guide")

Customized versions with automatic behaviours of Data Smart Boxes

Untitled Drawing 12The panel to configure the Data Smart Box templates has been prepared to incorporate “scripting code” so that the Data Smart Boxes may have automatic behaviours, that allow one to carry out processes and establish relations between them and groups of users. By this way, CIFKM can be customized and adapted to meet specific needs of companies. For this kind of customizations one requires at the start a more complete set of specification of the needs, since they aren't simple configurations.

The development, according to client's specifications, can be carried out, either by the technical staff of CIF under previous estimate, or by technical staff of the company, whom CIF will help in whatever may be required.

We will also provide staff training at technical- or user-level, on whatever your company may need. We will exclusively charge time devoted by our staff.

Any version of CIFKM, standard or customized, may be installed and may work in both, physical servers of the company or virtual servers anywhere in the cloud, which one accesses either via local network or the Internet.

To install, extend or modify work environments, or to customize the application, please contact CIF to carry out the work and install the result remotely by Internet

( See... Examples of customization of CIFKM)

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