About us

About us

CIF, S.L. is a professional software development company. It has rather specialized in creating a platform to solve the specific needs related to the content and document management of companies. Its platform CIFKM is the result of many years of work and experience.


Its headquarters and commercial office is in 28046- Madrid (Spain), Paseo de la Castellana 176 and its technical area of design and software development is in the small and quite city of Naron in the north of Spain, in Plaza de Tranvías 1. 15570 – Narón (A Coruña)

Developing a useful computer application of high quality is not only a technological challenge but also a challenge in design, in care with details and in usability. The technology is there available to the experts. The design depends on the ability to identify and solve the needs. The difference lies in the manner how needs are solved.

Thus, among the CIF staff there are not only experts in technology, but also persons who know how to identify needs, who understand the functioning of companies and who look for the most appropriate solutions.

The CIF “trademark” has always been offering the best product in quality, performance and usability. It manages all this by applying a business model in which the product is the center to which all the available resources are devoted, and the marketing cost is relatively low, because the product is diffused by Internet.

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